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Are you a vlogger? Would you like to make your content better? Are you looking for more stable videos? You have come to the right place. Here you will get authentic and unbiased information about the best tripods for DSLR under $200. As we know that best cameras under the budget are an integral part of vlogging similarly, the best quality tripod is also crucial gear for filming or photography. After the camera and best lens, it is the third most vital gadget that needs your attention and investment.

While making a decision to purchase the best quality tripod for DSLR, you may face limitation in your budget. Therefore, we are going to present affordable, best and reliable quality tripods under $200 for you. You will be in a position to choose the best match for your requirements from so many available tripods in the market. We intend to provide enough information that will make you choose independently and allows you to make informed decisions.

Here we would recommend you to take a brief look at our article “how do tripods work” to get complete and needed information about tripods. If you are looking to get long exposures especially at night, or need to get desired regularities in your productions of videos and photos then this article is for you to select any of the best-matched tripods under the budget of $200.


advantages of tripod

Before taking the final decision for purchasing a perfect tripod for DSLR’s you must have to consider some important points because there are a lot of tripods that are available in the market and different tripods suit a variety of different situations.

  • Shaky, flimsy and feeble tripods are only a waste of money.
  • Some tripods are heavy & they are best for studios but may not fit for travel or to hike up to the mountains.
  • Some tripods are super extendable and get taller than others. Here you need to check the height with and without the central column lifted. You may also need to have a look at the stability of the central column too.
  • Some tripods are constructed with a hook at the base or bottom of the center column to hang weight for much-needed This is perfect for shooting great landscape photographs in gust/gale. But if you work more in the studio then you may not encounter gale.
  • Many tripods are smooth and easier to adjust as compared to others.
  • Quality comes with the price and that varies widely. So keep in mind to go for the best tripods that can fulfill your needs for a long time. Just dig more into your content and think ahead to get a long-lasting tripod.


  1. Tripods tend to facilitate you by providing sturdiness and stability to the camera and eliminates the problems of a vlogger or photographer by making their hands free.
  2. Tripods boots to take calculated shots. Therefore they are handy to use. It empowers you to discover more about angles, settings, and scenes with the right
  3. Tripods guarantee you the ultimate stability. You will not get shaky recordings and this is an added advantage to get ultra-fine results.
  4. A tripod is mandatory for vlogging. You can add time-lapse effects and smoothness with the help of a sturdy tripod.
  5. A sturdy tripod empowers your camera and its lenses to explore new limits. It can go up to ultra-high or ultra-low with the help the best quality tripod.


  1. Heavy tripods may be difficult to travel with. Even you are traveling with the best quality material of carbon fiber tripods especially when the head is attached.
  2. Sometimes they are inconvenient for you after folding up. They may need more space than your calculations.
  3. In the rush area or in the surroundings of people you may find it difficult to set.
  4. Superior quality tripods are more expensive.
  5. If your tripods take time in setting up then you may miss the natural scenes.
  6. Last but not the least low price and cheap quality tripods may not you’re your camera and lens and result in ruining your precious apparatus.

The sturdy Manfrotto MT290XTA3US 290 Xtra 3-Sec is constructed with the best technical design that is desirable in futuristic tripods. This best DSLR tripod within a budget of $200 is armed with edge cutting functions. Its built quality is sturdy and made up of with the perfect blend of carbon fiber and aluminum. You can place this tripod anywhere you like, it will provide you ultimate stability and sturdiness.

This tripod contains three different sections and extends up to a height of 63.2 inches along with the ability to hold 3.9 pounds is quite profound. Leg locks provide more preservation at different places. Its extension and collapsibility is pretty smooth.



  • Excellently sleek and solid designing.
  • Reach at lowest positions due to its 4 leg angles.
  • Comes with a padded and easy to carry a travel shoulder bag.
  • Best affordability.
  • It weighs almost 11 pounds that make it heavy than it should be.


Manfrotto is made of carbon fiber and magnesium that makes it more strong, reliable and lightweight. Beside this, it is able enough to hold up to 9 kg of payload. You will get a tipping scales at 2 kg that is not much for this size of the tripod. With this perfect tripod for DSLR under the budget of $200, you will get a new locking feature that boosts its stability and stiffness by making its legs strong and stiff with the application of force. Besides this, the latest Quick Power Lock Latches are easily engageable with one hand, which results in easy adjustability.

Manfrotto 055 3-Section tripod allows you to extend its each and every leg independently at four angles. With the help of latest designed latches, it is much easier to make adjustment as compared to the old model. Spikes are missing in the feet but you can buy them separately. This tripod is more stable at soft grounds and horizontal places. The central column is easily and completely detachable, if you need to do this but can’t be split into two especially for low-level recordings.



  • Amazingly strong construction.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Lightweight for its strength and size.
  • Sturdy and stable latches.
  • Horizontal central column.
  • Very well stability.
  • It is an expensive tripod.
  • Head is not included in the price.
  • No case.

Manfrotto MK290XTA3-2WUS 290 holds a unique quality and premium design & it falls under the category of best tripods for DSLR under $200. Each of the four legs are adjustable to any angle separately. Extend them as long as you are not satisfied. Amazing height is attainable with this tripod and the latest adjustable mechanism will drift your mind away.

The material of this tripod is extremely well the combination of aluminum and carbon fiber that provides ultra-finishing and finest quality with leg warmers that are able enough to stand fixed on the ground. It’s super-fast to adjust anytime at any desired place. A bag is also coming with it to make your travel easy. The top disc can potentially reach a height of 67.5 inches and without a central column, it can go up to 58 inches.



  • Comes with a travel bag.
  • Strong and reliable.
  • Includes leg warmers.
  • It can only manage 5.6 pounds of weight.

FOTOPRO C5i is beautifully designed and equipped with all functions of a professional tripod. It’s an aluminum-magnesium tripod with an addition of a built-in monopod. Its colors are stable and scratch resistant because of latest anodic oxidation. It’s also compact in size due to its reverse folding features and because of the construction technology, it’s very stable, strong and durable. It has a 25mm diameter support then provides more strength. Excellent for macro recordings due to its 2 section central column and convertibility into a monopod.

It’s an amazingly well-built tripod that indicates the use of premium material and craftsmanship of top-notch level. The leg lock angles are greatly stiffed that are difficult to build but here they are amazingly achieved. You can use it for long time periods and for longer durations. With all its qualities you can count C5i in one of the best budget tripods for DSLR under $200.



  • Premium quality material.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long lasting.
  • Wobbles all over the place.
  • Screw on the hook.

Bushnell 784030 has everything that you are looking in a tripod. It’s reliable, durable and stable and these are the most wanted features of any buyer of a tripod. It has a strong build with 3 padded foam legs to ensure a better sturdiness and enhanced weather resistance. It is the best tripod for DSLR camera under the budget of $200 that ensure good shots.

Bushnell has built a repute of a good material quality so feel free to buy this best tripod for your DSLR with full confidence. The 3-way tilt & pan head allows you to go for greater mobility. It is designed so well withstand in the woods on its super adjustable legs that are independently able to get fit on any terrain. Legs are made up of aluminum and covered with foam for protection but still, they are relatively lightweight.



  • Aluminum legs are weather resistant.
  • Central hook control.
  • 3-way pan & tilt head.
  • Can withstand 11 pounds maximum load.
  • Legs are not quickly releasable.
  • Heavy for hiking.

This model of NEEWER Carbon Fiber is a perfect budget & best tripod for DSLR, which is made from carbon fiber that you can also use as a monopod. It’s more convenient to handle due to its quick release leg lock. It is armed with universal ball head design that is coming with 2 locks and 360-degree dial to ensure quick angle movements. It also contains a bubble level indicator and a hook for a center column for more stability.

It has the rigor intensity, high adaptability for shock absorption, corrosion and improved heat resistance. However, with a telephoto camera lens, you may need to purchase an additional mount ring for better balance and a sandbag for improved stabilization.



  • Superb quality carbon fiber.
  • Tall and cover more angles.
  • Versatile performance.
  • Slightly heavier than some of the other models.

Bonfoto B690A is another specular lightweight and compact tripod under the budget of $200. It is made up of a premium quality aluminum alloy that weighs around 2.6lbs, and a size of 14.5 inches, which makes it easy to carry and travel. It can easily be extendable from 13.8 inches to 55 inches along with center posts fully extended that makes it optimal for both outdoor and indoor recordings.

It’s convenient and sturdiness is up to mark due to its four-section flip leg locks that are quick and effortless for making setup even at the lowest shooting heights which you may encounter on a routine basis. It has three lags that are completely adjustable and furnish wide coverage from different angles for recording and photography. You can also enhance the stability with the help of spring-loaded hook at the bottom that can bear up to 17lbs.



  • Quick assembling and dissembling.
  • Fast release mount plates and safe clip.
  • Tripods legs can be inverted and folded back up to 180 degrees.
  • Best for Macro and low angle shootings.
  • No detachable caps at the feet.
  • Not convertible into a monopod.

ZoMei Z818 is a best and complete & splendid system to support your DSLR & SLR with lens and point & shoot cameras. Its simple to engage, fast and solid. Its ball head has a safety lock that impedes the camera from falling & slipping off at the time of detaching quick release plate. Z818 has a 360-degree panoramic pan dial that empowers you to get precise shots for capturing natural and panoramic beauty. Built-in bubble levels ensure you target accuracy.

Its legs can easily be folded back at 180 degrees which makes it compact for travel purposes. It also comes with a carry case that makes its portability easy. It is super flexible with its three legs angle position that also provides the best shooting at uneven places.



  • A multi-function tripod.
  • Can be converted easily into a full-size
  • Adjustable height of the center
  • Perfect for low angle shots.
  • Weight capacity is 16 kg that is a bit low.
  • Not good for heavy cameras.

The VILTROX VX-18M is a solid performing tripod for DSLR that backs up to 13.2 pounds of digital camera weight and has a max height of 72 inches with adjustments. It is the best match for studio works and larger video camera because of its maximum load weight of 22lbs. It has a pan & tilt fluid drag head, which empowers for smooth panning at the time of shooting video. VX-18M has a sliding & quick release plate which operates with a standard 1/4″-20 mounting screw for better functioning.

360-degree pan head movement makes it possible to record action and sports events and with the help of built-in bubble indicator level on the head, quick management and horizontal level are ensured. It remains stable at the time of balancing the heavy camera. For enhance rigidity rubber material, non-slippery feet has been designed to keep in in a firm position.



  • Its super flexible tripod that can spin up to 360 degrees.
  • Ultra-fine stability with horseshoe shape foot.
  • Maximum load capacity of 22lbs that is good for heavy cameras.
  • The camera is quickly releasable.
  • As it holds heavy cameras so it’s heavy to carry.

Geekoto has also made a place for best tripods within a budget of $200 that can fulfill your purpose. It is best to get horizontal shots from lower angles with a rotatable central column. It can attain a height from 24 inches to 75 inches with flexible adjustments. The flip lock is there with the quick release of 4 section column legs. It possesses super security and sturdiness with the help of 25mm wide aluminum alloy tube and potentially bears the load of 22.04lbs, which is great for DSLR cameras while shooting.

It can easily be turned into a monopod by easy dissembling of central axis screw. This provides an extra feature for recording videos. Its ball head is specially designed that can rotate up to 360 degrees to get a lot angles with perfect shots and incredible panorama.



  • Rotatable central column.
  • Perfect for heavy cameras.
  • Secure and solid tripod.
  • Plastic mounting plate.


Your head will start to heat up if you see the options that are available in tripods. That’s why I have mentioned the best tripods for DSLR under $200 here to save your precious time and fatigue.  Any type of blurriness can wreck the most amazing & beautiful capture moments that will never come back. The fault is potentially due to the shakiness of your best camera, it may not be due to the DSLR lens or other camera accessories.

That is why we recommend you to use tripods to eliminate blurriness. It will strongly enable you to capture images and record videos specifically where you are considering light as a major factor. Just feel free by relying on the best tripods for DSLR cameras to record precious moments.