Folks are always looking for some best vlog ideas for beginners and It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Most beginners want to start vlogging but they get confused from where to start with. In the following sections, we are going to provide you with enough information that will focus on best & simple vlog ideas for beginners.

After selecting the camera for vlogging, you can start recording videos, whenever you want. It may be difficult to start with the content that goes viral in its beginning but still, it’s not impossible. Many of the new vloggers are doing this and getting the audience’s attention. One of the most common ways to do is to regularly upload videos, which will help to remain in touch with your audience which will eventually increase your viewership.

So, follow the tips given below for simple vlog ideas for beginners that will help you in getting the start. For a loyal audience, you have to find your niche. This is the most crucial point to grab the audience’s attention, more subscribers, and, more continuous growth. Read this guide carefully for a healthier start. Some tips may not work for you, but they will teach you about the process that will bring clearer & nice vlog ideas.


It’s one of the best vlog ideas for beginners. Since everybody went through a learning phase and knows about something that he is really good at. You can find your subject and make it accordingly. Teach other people without having a class in front of you. Just record the videos, edit them if needed, and upload them on your YouTube channel or any other vlogging platforms. Don’t forget to make your content crispy and spicy that will grab the audience’s attention by answering most of their questions.


teaching how to

That is something similar to teaching. You can demonstrate, almost anything by using a “How to” videos. It is one of the best ways to teach people about the process step by step. These types of videos are best because these are normally recorded while performing a particular assignment for his followers or subscribers. You can really follow your passion here because it will not make you tired of making vlog videos. You can truly share very deep insights that the audience is searching for the most time. You can cover almost anything under the sun.


provide reviews

Yes, now you can make vlogging videos for providing reviews anything you like. It may include a book, a movie, an airline, or a comparison between different products. A lot of people don’t know how to use products or services. Your content may help them. Once you evolve as an authentic unbiased figure than the sky is the limit.

You can also include your personal experience related to some products or services. For example, you are providing book reviews and you have to travel to another city and live in a hotel. Now you are in a position to review the service which you use for traveling and hotels also. This will increase your viewership.


If you are technology love and geeky than it’s the simply best idea to start. You can find certain products and review them accordingly. You may not need to spend extra money on a new product purchase. After purchasing your vlogging camera, you will be able to shoot videos and upload them. Many people around the world are looking for technical reviews. Many famous channels working on this niche, have their subscribers in millions.


unique events

One of the best & simple vlog ideas for beginners is to upload unique events. Most of these events are natural and it may need the best action camera under budget for recording. For example, you can record a video of a fund collection campaign that is made to support people affected by floods or earthquakes, etc. From these videos, you can divert the attention of donors and philanthropists for financial support.


It’s great to start with the simple vlog ideas for beginners by conducting interviews. Keep in mind to select the question that will provide a satisfactory answer to your audience. By doing this you will get a boost in your views, followers, and subscriber because they would come to know that you are not a time-waster. The search engine will recognize these types of videos quickly and you will get ranked. The video is particularly advantageous in improving your rankings on search engines.


If you came to know about a particular event that matches your niche or video blog than it’s one of the best ideas to make vlogs to cover that happening and upload it for your audience. Provide your audience with a variety of events. These types of delights with regular intervals will make you’re your audience more exciting with your vlog that they watch comfortably in their homes, and this will eventually lead you towards massive growth. So waste your time any more, there are hundreds of events in the world and with the help of enhanced technology, you can cover them without physically going there.


food reviews

Food, the ultimate love of everybody. On this planet earth, you will find everybody a food lover. Just pick a camera, go to your local food start, and starting vlogging. East the food and give reviews about its taste and quality. One of the biggest and very well-known platforms for vloggers is YouTube. You can find food reviews videos all around the world and in almost every language. That shows the love of people for food. Furthermore, you can tell the location for viewers to visit and enjoy the food. The more you eat, the more you vlog.


Some of us love to travel inside or outside the city and country. If you are a passionate traveler and want to start vlogging than it is the best vlog idea for beginners to start as a travel vlogger. Search the places with the best scenes and historic value. Get knowledge about the place and start vlogging. In this way, you can benefit thousands of people who don’t know about the place but want to see them. This will certainly give you a boost in your vlogging career.


study tips

One of the simple vlogging ideas is to make videos on study tips. It’s very simple as we get an education. We all have some favorite subjects, we all have faced exams at least twice a year. So we almost know how to prepare ourselves for exams, how to memorize, and how to attempt exams.

We can share all these crucial techniques with the help of vlogging. A lot of students are searching online to get themselves ready for studies. It might help them if you provide them quality content. So what are you waiting for? Just purchase your suitable camera and get started.


cooking videos

Many of us will find themselves directly in the kitchen after finishing their first job. Most of the vloggers are filming cooking videos and earning a handsome amount. It also got much more room for improvement because we have to eat three times a day and if you make a video of your food than you get 90 videos per month that is an outstanding vlog idea, especially if you’re a starter. You can add variety by experiencing different cuisines. This will not only make you an expert in cooking but will give you thousands of subscribers and followers if you keep on posting regular quality cooking videos.


Here comes another simple idea. It may seem to be a niche for girls but it’s not important. Everybody loves to wear new dresses that have hot demand. They may be expensive but they may fall under the category of routine dresses. All you need is to select a camera and start making videos. Tell honestly about the dress fittings, comfortability, affordability, and quality. Your reviews will be important for your audience as they can lose money or save money, which depends upon the buying decision based on your videos.


videos about pets

Another outstanding and great vlogging idea is to make videos about your pets. If you’re a pet lover then you may have pets that include mostly dogs, green parrots, and cats, etc. You can make videos and share information about pets with your audience. You can tell your audience about your pet breeds, age, threats, diseases, and food availability. This niche has a wide range of topics as people learn more and more about pets and their habits.


The most celebrated occasion in the world is birthdays. It shows you’re the best potential for vlogging. This can turn out to be one of the best vlogging niches if you pay attention to it. All you have to do is to inform or guide people about new, different, and exciting ideas for birthday gifts.

As mentioned earlier that birthdays are celebrated in hundreds of thousands of numbers on a daily basis so you have much more to do than to make ordinary videos. Just pick your camera and buckle up to get an enthusiastic start.


If you have a hidden talent for making good parody videos for fun purposes than this niche is ideal for you. You just have to brainstorm for the content. The fun doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive of hard work. You have to make a brief plan and work accordingly to provide quality fun content to your audience.

Although it may seem easy work you have to remain more careful by filming fun videos that should not hurt anyone’s feelings. This niche also suits to a shy person. You can play the images in the background and record your audio-only. With the passage of time, you will get confidence that will show your face to the world.


make a challenge video

This video will involve your physical interaction with the public as you have to go outside, which will provide you more insights about the vlogging. It is one of the best vlog ideas for beginners because you can just start with your smartphone. Challenges can be hard, normal general knowledge questions or funny things to do.

You can follow your inner voice which topic to choose from so many. You will have to make a proper plan to show diversity in your content for better audience attention. If your audience enjoys watching your vlogs that this will turn to be a great success for your vlogging career.


eating food challenge

It’s a new trend nowadays to make food challenge videos. It doesn’t mean that you have to go outside and announce loudly for a food challenge. In this type of vlogging videos usually, two or three friends make a video by deciding the time to finish the food, whoever finishes first is the winner of the challenge.

People love to watch these types of videos especially when they have an interesting punishment event at the end. This is very interesting and one of the immaculate niche for vlogging. Because it will provide you instant growth as most people love to watch foody stuff.


We have mentioned the best research above after hours of hard work. You can select any one of the best vlog ideas for beginners and can grow rapidly by building yourself as a brand and authority in your own niche. You will just need a compatible vlogging camera to shoot you vlogging videos. You can brainstorm on the other ideas to get more niches that can turn out to be fruitful.