best smartphone for vlogging

The best smartphone for vlogging is not easy to choose. There may be a lot of reasons that you are going to buy a new smartphone with the best camera for vlogging. Maybe you have lost your old phone, maybe it got cracked, maybe it was outdated enough to start a vlog with. Consider your financial position there are a lot of potential options for you to get a new smartphone for vlogging.

The problem is to make a decision for a better smartphone for vlogging but how to choose from so many of them. Each brand is claiming that we have the best phone. You have come to the right place. Your phone is a prominent device to shoot quality content. In this blog, we are going to cover a lot of best smartphones with their features that will make your decision making easy, in the purchase of the best smartphone for vlogging.

It doesn’t mean that you will just order an iPhone or the smartphone with most megapixels of the camera to start vlogging. There is much more than this. You need to know about your phone software optimization to capture photos and shoot videos. Besides this, you need to differentiate between different types of photos you want to take because some of the best smartphones are able well to handle all scenarios.

There are a lot of best-branded phones with a lot of the latest features. You need to consider many important areas before making a decision. You need to know about the video handling of a smartphone in different light conditions, changing scenarios, multi-shooting tasks, and angels with a wide range of different subjects.

Before purchasing a smartphone, you must have to determine your photographic needs, type of lens to take better selfies, or diversified video shooting. All this information will help you to select the best phone camera for vlogging.


why smartphones for vlogging

There are a lot of reasons to choose a smartphone for vlogging. Visualize that you are going to buy a vlogging camera, it would cost you much more than a smartphone. You will not only get a camera but also consider proper vlogging camera accessories, like a tripod, lens, external mic, and lighting setup. You may need a power bank to charge your phone in case of need.

If you want to spend money on this heavy equipment later on then think for the best camera smartphone that fulfills your purpose without having extra costs included. After hours of research and hard work, we are bringing some best smartphones for you that will be helpful in your video blogging. Additionally, they are easy to carry, save a lot of space, money, and cause you no extra fatigue.


iphone x

Apple iPhone X is the first choice of almost every vlogger, even they have vlogging cameras, but they still like to shoot videos especially travel vlogs. If you need a phone to just pull out and start taking snaps with less effort, the new series of iPhone is best for you.

If you’re recording with the main camera, you will feel the smooth stabilization with 4K quality recording at 60 fps. It also has a 12mp dual camera with portrait modes, portrait lighting, and auto HDR. It has an amazing display capacity of 5.8 inches with a super retina that is equipped with true tone and HDR.

Its front camera is of 7mp and the exterior is completely water (up to 30 minutes at a max depth of 1 meter) and dust resistant. It also has a wireless charging option that works with Qi chargers. Its camera app is very well renowned for user-friendliness, simple, well focused on taking snaps with minimal settings, modes, and controls.


Its one of the best smartphones for vlogging with exceptionally good low-light performance. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a strong camera that is coming in Galaxy S9 Plus, with a little bit of small up gradation that makes it even better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is compatible with shooting in almost any scenario, that may have low-light, but results will be stunningly good. It automatically adjusts the color base on almost 20 objects that include flowers, birds, food and sunset, etc.


Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is the best smartphone for vlogging. You can buy it in full confidence and love the results. Its camera is extremely powerful and upgraded with a spontaneous interface. It has a smart feature of AI that superbly adapts any scenario and results in a beautiful glimpse or low-light portraits.

With its powerful 12.2mp camera, you can make slightly brighter, sharp pictures with Google Pixel 3 and 3XL as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei P20 Pro. It is done with dedicated core chips for pixel visuals that’s work magically good.


Google Pixel 3 XL

Upon making a comparison between Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, we would suggest you go for Pixel 3 XL to get the best vlogging results. It has a higher resolution, bigger in size, and a fantastic viewfinder. Its battery timings are also good if you opt for long recordings and photo capturing.

Keep in mind that both phones have dual front-facing cameras. It gives you the best selfies with a portrait mode with amazing blurred background.


Rocking start for the consecutive two years (2017 and 2018), you may find the best and expensive features of the camera in this smartphone that can be used for vlogging. It has an edge of the most reliable and best audio over other smartphones. It’s a top-notch smartphone as far as audio is concerned but with average video quality. It delivers better music experience with its two rear cameras of 16mp and 8mp respectively, which have autofocus, LED flash and OIS

If anyone of you looking for smartphones with excellent audio recording feature, you can add LG V20 to your cart now. It has an internal memory of 64 GB, extendable up to 2 TB if you need, 4 GB RAM, and 5.7 inches of the display screen. However, its performance gets slow with the passage of time and continuous usage.


Many people called Huawei P20 Pro the best smartphone for vlogging in 2018. Huawei is famous for producing long battery life phone with a much better camera even than iPhone X. Most importantly, it is a dual SIM card phone and very helpful if you are a travel vlogger.

It has an exceptionally fast processor of Hi-silicon Kirin 970 Octa-core 6 GB ram and 128 internal memory. Its main camera is 40 MP that supports autofocus that includes, deep focus, laser focus, contrast focus, and phase focus. The front camera is 24 MP, which supports fixed focal length. It processes images with a reduction of noise. It also enables you to get 3 X zoom without lowering the image quality.



After the massive success of HTC 10, they have launch HTC U11 with more enhancement and integrations. It is faster and smoother than the HTC 10. It has attained a high ranking for its best camera. Being a vlogger, you may need to carry the best smartphone for vlogging al the time because you do not know when you find something worthy to start a vlog.

HTC U11 is the best-selected smartphone for vloggers. It has a curved glass wrapped around with 5.5” gorilla glass that makes it a darling. You can easily record vlogs with its HD display. HTC U11 smartphone has a 16MP front camera that analyzes the scenario and records front shorts perfectly. For beginner vloggers, it’s the simple best and perfect choice to start with.

Beside with high-end front camera, HTC U11 is equipped with 12MP Ultra pixel rear facing the camera with the enhanced feature of the optical image. This feature makes it outstanding from all other smartphones.


Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony Xperia x23 is really another amazing product from Sony. It is much improved and classy than XZ2 in almost all aspects. It has an awesome display, superb camera, and perfectly integrated front-facing speakers. Although its battery life is average to good as compared to other models of 2018 mainly.

As compared to other brands Sony is the only brand that is still adding a dedicated button for the camera, which is really helpful for vloggers especially. It is simply the best camera phone for video shooting with its 19MP rear snapper that proves it one of the most options for photography.

It has a much better digital stabilization that works very well in good light and 4K HDR can capture stunning footages. With Sony, you can still capture footage in slow motion, Full HD, and 960 fps.


With the passage of time, the products will be upgraded, enhanced, or changed. But you need to keep in touch with the market. This place will keep you ahead of others and will help you to know about the best smartphone for vlogging. At the initial stage, you may start with a smartphone but it’s highly recommended to move on with the best budget vlogging camera and its accessories while upgrading yourself.

Here you will find the best selected and researched products for vlogging with the ultimate descriptive vlogging guide. Your viewers deserve the best quality from you and unique content that will educate them with classic entertainment. Here you will find all. So keep in touch and leave your valuable comments for improvements.