best video editing software

After completion of your vlog videos, there is another most important step involved and that is to edit your videos. Editing is of utmost importance and attention as it will bring the video in its final shape for the audience. We are providing here information about the best software for video editing. Some of them are free and some are paid versions. You can move to paid versions after getting a hands-on free one for better results.

Editing itself is a complete job. You need to learn it if you are a beginner. It may bring extra effort for you as you will end up with extra work. On the other hand, it will save a lot of money for you if you do it by yourself. Outsourcing is of great importance but it not recommended at the beginning stage because mostly you have a small amount of money and outsourcing will increase your budget.

You will have to make your content more catchy and interesting. Video editing will play a vital role here. You can remove an unnecessary portion, add some important scenes, add intros at the beginning too, and outros at the end for a professional look of your vlogging channel. Voice overs, sound effects, background music, and slow-motion effect are some of the few features that are being done by video editors.

The purpose of this blog is to inform you about some top-rated video editing software that will make your decision easy for which software to choose from. With the right selection of software, you will be in a position to produce professional stunning videos.

Mostly we trim our recordings by editing. Watermarks, color correction and add text or title screens are done in with the help of video editing software along with your own channel branding

Vlog editing is comparatively simple since we don’t need to include so many effects. Most of the vloggers just bring the videos in a presentable shape because they want to show the raw or original recording to their audience.

As long as Vlogging Platforms are concerned, YouTube is at the top position. A lot of new YouTubers get confused about the software, which is the most popular video editing software for vloggers or what simple video editing software they should use for better results.

Keep different aspects and questions of video editing software in mind. We have tried to help you by educating you about some of the simple and best video editing software to turn your vlogs into professional videos.


If you are new to vlogging than moving towards expensive, paid and complicated videos software is not recommended. Mostly we have some basic and free programs installed on our computers.

Although they have some feature limitations but still better for new beginners to get a better understanding. Once you get experience in hands and feel limited than you may move towards paid software at an advanced stage


windows 10 photo app

Windows Photos App is available free on cost for Windows 10 users. They can use it to edit their vlogs. If you can’t find it in your PC then it may not have been installed. You can get it from the Microsoft website.

Everyone who is a Windows 10 user can freely use this app, even if you have little or no experience in video editing. Importing of video clips is really quick, place a clip on the timeline, trim or remove unwanted parts, add background music, and add transitions, etc. If you have dragged and dropped video clips at the correct place you can save your video, watch the preview, and export it.

iMovie (MAC OS)


Likewise, Windows, MacBook, or iMac have a pre-installed version of iMovie. It is a very user-friendly program for vlog editing that can support 4K videos.

You have to simply select and edit the clips you need to use in vlogs. You can add effects, title in text, and anything you need to do with easy drag and drop feature.

Once you have completed editing, iMovie has the ability to directly upload your videos on YouTube, Facebook, or spread it by e-mail. You can see more details on Apple’s website.


Free of cost video editing software is great, if you are a beginner or in a learning process and need exposure how thing work. They are beneficial in simple trimming and joining of different clips but anyhow they lack upgraded features as we found them in paid versions.

We have included some video editing software in this category that is comparatively more advanced than free software. They are less developed than professional video editing software.



Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is one of the best video editing program if you want more advanced options. It has a nice and simple user interface, 360-degree support VR, 3D, and 4 K has made this software as the best selection tool for creating a fun video.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is also equipped with multi-point tracking of motion, multi-cam editing, video masking, time-remapping, audio blending. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is easy to use even if you are an intermediate or semi-pro user but unfortunately, it’s only available for Windows.



Another best software for video editing is Adobe Premiere Elements. It is more advanced than Adobe Premiere Pro. It is also easier to use but contains fewer features.

Premiere Elements has lots of video effects, powerful audio editing, nice user, best text tools, 4k video support. Premiere Elements enables you to quickly go through from raw clips to complete edited video. It also guides edits that make the job easier. Adobe Premiere Elements is available at both Platforms of Mac and Windows.


Professional vloggers and video editors are not comfortable with less equipped, slow, and free software. They need the best ever effect and video editing for their projects. So they go for professional software for video editing. Some of them are discussed below.



An incredible, very well renowned, and most popular video editing software for vloggers is Final Cut Pro X by MAC.

Final Cut Pro X has the best ever and a lot of features. It is also focused and upgraded to speed up your video editing workflow that will result in faster editing and uploading of videos on YouTube.

You can learn more about the features of Final Cut Pro X by visiting Apple’s website. You will get a 30 days free trial before the final purchase decision.


premiere pro

One of the best ever editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s the main rival and competitor of Final Cut Pro X. It supports 4K videos, a wide range of codecs and raw footages.

Adobe has many products and one of the main advantages that Premiere Pro has over Final Cut Pro X is that it performs really very well along with the best compatibility with other Adobe products.

Premiere Pro has a lot of different settings and features. We would highly recommend educating yourself either from YouTube or by visiting the Adobe website. This will allow you to get high-end results with better understanding.


iPhone – iOS

imovie app

Instead of video editing on desktop or laptop, you can do it on your iPhone. If you want to do this than we would highly recommend you go through with Apple’s owned iMovie app. It works extremely well if you need to switch between your iPhone and Apple computer.

Although it’s a free app to use from Apple you need to spend approx $ 5 for downloading it on your iPhone. Moreover, in $ 5 you will get the freedom of choice and easy accessibility of video editing on your mobile. Apple’s iMovie is enabled to export edited videos in full HD and without watermark


Android is also not behind in technology. You can use, Adobe Premiere Clips at Android devices as it is highly recommended. It will bring all the basic editing features inside your phone.

Trimming clips, adding music, filters applications, add title slides or video adjustments (exposure or shadow levels) can easily be done by Adobe Premiere Clips. Adobe Premiere Clips is entirely free but its competitor named “PowerDirector” is a paid app ($5).


In the following sections, we are going to give you information about some commonly used video editing software that is absolutely free and is used by many professional vloggers as well as beginners.



Filmora is not less than a delightful bounty for beginners as well as some professionals. Filmora offers simple, standard, and high-quality video editing features with a mobile version named as Filmora Go. It also allows you to record your screen for online webinars by the name of Filmora Scrn.

With an intuitive design, it’s easy to use and allows you to apply filters, motion elements, transitions, overlay, and a limited but free range of royalty-free background music. It can add titles effectively that are trending nowadays but it is capable to add 3D titles as Apple Final Cut Pro X can add and rotate on three axes.

Another feature of Filmora especially for beginners is to edit video in “Easy Mode,” which enables you to refine edits by simply drag and drop, create fun, choosing a theme, and selecting background music.



A competitive of Filmora is Camtasia. Another best-selling video editing software that is being widely used by most of the vloggers. Its sections are somehow similar to Filmora.

With drag and drop and music options, you can also use motion graphics. You can use title animation and layer intro and outro sequences to produce engaging video throughout.

You can create multiple themes in Camtasia to maintain your different official or personal styles in an organized way and ready to use. It allows you to create easy, safe, and apply them whenever you need, in your desired font, and customized colors.



Pinnacle studio is a hind-end product of Corel. Its paid version is used to edit 4K videos and 360-degree content. It’s double the cost than VideoStudio. Here the question arises that what you will get for the extra money? The answer is really simple. You will not only have an upper-echelon product with all the best features but a fast renderer product that has no comparison in the market

Pinnacle’s interface is very user-friendly inclusive of all features. If you need to wrap up your job at an amazing speed then don’t be shy to spend an extra amount for it. Pinnacle will turn out to be the best-selected product for you.


nero video

With a lot of well-embedded trick & effects, Nero made its place in the list of video editing software. It comes approx. at $50. It’s relatively cheap and you will find it best-selected a match for beginners as well as semi-professionals.

If you’re in a learning phase and spending time and money to learn video editing, anyhow, you might want to drive clear. Nero got the features and speed of some of the video editing software listed here, and if its value is concerned in this regard, $50 is still not that cheap.


Are you a video editor, content marketer, or a vlogger, looking to get the video editing software for producing the best quality vlogs and to remain to keep in touch with the industry trends? Don’t Panic! Just go through the above article to decide about the best and widely used video editing software for vlogging and vloggers.

Know your budget, current level of your expertise, and time that you can give to learn a new skill. Either you are looking for the best video editing software for YouTube or for your projects, the responsibility is on your shoulders to get the best. So don’t wait for the right time, it never comes. Invest in one of the above mention video editing software with will confidence, make it yours, and produce the desired video content to amaze the world.