Recording videos, making short clips, or even making filming with your own friends is sometimes easier and sometimes difficult. It will be easier if you have the vlogging camera accessories. At the start level, you may start with your smartphone or a smart vlogging camera, both can do the job easier for your videos. But remember that this is for the initial stage. Once your channel gets popular and you got reasonable views than you will have to provide quality and this will be done together by your vlogging camera and its mandatory accessories.

As we know the camera is the major focus of vlogging, likewise it is accompanied by specific accessories to make your vlogs more natural and perfect. You just need to exert filming techniques accordingly to get the best. We will start here from the Sound.

If your audio quality is bad then it may be the main reason for the downfall of your channel growth. It is the first essential point to spend your money correctly. If your viewers are not going to hear from you properly or there is a lack of coherence between lips movement and voice then it may be disturbing for your viewers. You need to fix it right now.


tips for vlogging camera accessories

Before making a final decision for purchasing accessories for your vlogging camera, must consider some important factors to make the decision right.


Any accessory of the vlogging camera you are looking for must fall under your budget. Now, here’s a twist. The budget may vary from your professional position and needs. Some people consider themselves as a student while they are at a peak position of their vlogging career. So they afford to experience many products and choose them for a variety of vlogs. While others are maybe in a starting position or semi-pro that needs to make a comparison between different products and choose the best product under budget.


The quality of any vlogging camera accessory is an important point. Besides price, you should need to focus on quality. Quality has two different perspectives. You need to check its production quality with the quality of its hardware. Both are mandatory. If the price is high and hardware quality is inferior then it may be a good fit for you as the possibility of damage are much higher.


Despite enough vlogging ideas, the performance of the vlogging camera and its accessories are something that should be taken care of. After spending money, if you get a low performance like clicks are too low and produce inferior results than it’s a waste of time and money. Before purchasing the final product, you must go for the performance. Go for the product that you may not need to change soon with the passage of time.


Another quality of vlogging camera accessories is its user-friendliness. It may be analyzed in three ways i.e lightweight, easy portability and easy to use. Remember that you are going to spend an amount of money for each accessory. So better research from your end is highly needed. Just imagine the level of uneasiness and frustration that you will face after purchasing an accessory that is not relevant.

1. Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R

Rode VMPR VideoMic

Best Vlogging Cameras are coming with a built-in microphone but some of them are of inferior quality or often too far built up to get your voice properly. If you need to get the right audio level at the correct time than you may need to fix this problem while video editing. Besides this, you need an external mic to record your message and insert it in the video.

One of the best audio accessories for a vlogging camera is a microphone by Rodes. It’s simply one of the top-quality microphones that will suit almost any kind of video recording and audio recording projects.

It’s a quality condenser microphone with higher sensitivity and low noise. Its artificial fur has been designed specially to minimize the noise of the wind. It has a compact form factor of 150mm/6” length with dead cat VMPR and a rechargeable 9V battery.


2. Manfrotto Befree Travel, Light Weight, Professional Video Tripod


Manfrotto has a complete ran of tripods to get the right video recordings. It’s compact and has a fantastic quality that you will love. Its compactness made it very easy to carry and the fluid drag controls are effective and easy to use especially for small adjustments. It’s another best accessory for a vlogging camera that needs your attention. They are designed for travel performance, amazing smooth footages, maximum stability with unique premium design.




There are thousands of cameras for vlogging and definitely, they have different lenses. If you need better zoom by spending comparatively less than this vlogging camera accessory is the best match for you. Results will be pleasing and you will get sharp and clear photos with excellent colors. It’s not heavy, not too big, and easy to use. It’s also enhanced with the unique optical stabilizer quality of Sigma. Its focus range varies from a minimum of 45cm/17.7 “to a max magnification of 1:3:4.

4. VILTROX L116T RA CRI95 Super Slim LED Light

Viltrox L116t LED light

If your camera is not compatible with low light then it’s a crucial time for you to upgrade yourself by this important accessory of the LED light. It will give the best results both in quality and price. But keep in mind that this is an on-camera light. It will fill in the too dark spaces. This feature will separate it from the key light and makes it’s a fill light in controlled settings.

It’s lightweight and portable. Its weight is only 260 grams and size is about 20x13x3 cm only. It also comes with h battery and charger. It’s easy to use and you can change its temperature and brightness quickly depending on your need.



Different products will come and go with the passage of time. The main purpose of this blog is to provide enough authentic information that will lead you toward informed decision making about the best accessories for vlogging cameras. As there are a lot of brands with thousands of cameras available in the market so it’s really sometimes confusing for a buyer to go for which product. We are spending hours on research on providing you the best outcomes. So read the content in detail and make crystal clear decisions that you will never regret.