Are you looking for some good ideas for vlogs? Here are the top 15 vlog ideas your channel can’t survive without!

In this tech growing age you ask a question to anybody even a child that what he wants to do in his near future, one of the most definite answers can be “a YouTuber” or “YouTube Vlogger”.

Some people may laugh and talk it as a childish answer but they might don’t know about the potential of this field which has no signs of slowing down so far. After hours of research on different best niches of vlogging, we are going to present some of them that might help you. Whether you are a new or a seasoned/professional vlogger, with these fine ideas you won’t be able to grow your channel.

If you are facing difficulties in making & uploading quality entertaining vlog videos than these leading ideas will help you to do it consistently. This list will boost you to produce more quality and original content for your viewers.


introduction and plan for channel

This is one of the most amazing vlog ideas to start with. Here you can make videos about you, who you are, from where you belong to, your education, your passion, and anything you want to include about yourself. Tell the people about yourself with a reason for them to follow you.  You must be very clear in your first introductory video about your ideas and plans. Be specific about your goals as it will bring good results.


In this cut-throat competition world, presence is key. If you have made your starting video than you can go the most famous ideas for vlogging. By producing videos daily, you will remain consistent and it will catch the audience’s attention that will lead to further growth of your channel.

Your audience with other potential viewers will come to know that your video blogging channel exists. If you succeeded in getting the attention of viewers by coming many times a day then they will not give a second thought for clicking to your next videos.


relationship guidance

Another way of grabbing the audience attention is the most helpful vlog ideas for YouTube is to guide about relationships. Here you can diversify your self either by telling viewers about the ups and downs of your own relationship or by guiding and giving the advice to know about the struggles of couples. This will result not only in strengthening your relationship with viewers but will also increase manifolds. You will be amazed at how many people can relate to your views.


In order to build up the bond between you and your followers, another good idea would be to allow them to ask you questions. These questions could be open and may not necessarily relate to your main video subject. By doing this you will make your viewers more comfortable with you, just like friends. It will not only make your place in their mind and heart but will also give you explosive growth.

An easy way of this interaction is live streaming. Just make a video for giving the message that you will be available for online question sessions and you are ready to go.


getting married

One of the renowned vlogging ideas that attracting thousands of viewers from recent past years are the videos about marriage. If you are going to marry soon or newlywed, you can consider about this vlog idea that has great potential. You can talk about your own marriage experience or your family and friends as they near to you.

This is a great idea if you want to make videos for YouTube. You can discuss a lot of things like the groom & bride dresses, makeup, shopping points, wedding movie making, and many more.


viewers suggestions

If you are really facing problems in finding ideas about video topics than this is an idea itself. You can make a video to ask your loyal subscribers that you are running out of the ideas and need their help for the next videos. This will create a warm feeling in you and your audience relationship. They will think that you care about them and if you make videos that’s are based upon viewers suggestions that it will a point of joy for them.


story telling

Another potential & new YouTube vlog idea is to get together with your friends are telling stories.  The story may be personal or an authentic event that may be well known among viewers. Keep in mind that it should not be embarrassing for someone. Give something positive to your viewers, some true lesson, or a dose for positive motivation. Don’t over exaggerate, remain focused and problem-solving


This coming vlog idea is best for making videos for YouTube with a best friend. You and your friends can plan and travel through different cities or locations in your country or anywhere else. Just capture your journey of traveling with a friend in the video.

You can make your content more catch by telling viewers about the pros and cons of the journey with different insights. Make your viewers your virtual partners in traveling when they watch your vlogs. This will keep them stick to your channel which will result in better and faster growth.


Why not gather the most viewed interesting videos and compile them effectively, if some other ideas are not working for you to vlog. Some of the best videos are evergreen and if you are going to work on them, great views are rested assured.

compiling videos

This idea is also friendly with beginners as most of them are mentally blank and know almost nothing to start with. You can also create a video of your favorite personal stuff, movies, and song, etc. Here you may find a chance to get a quick start with more exposure.


As we discuss the best video compilation, here’s is a totally opposite approach. Instead of telling your audience about the best or favorites, you can tell them about the worst things or the things that you don’t like.

Likewise, you can also make a video with a title starting “TOP 10”. The good thing about this type of videos is that they generate quick views as we get by compiling good videos. On the very top of that, these videos have never-ending topics – you can consider literally everything under the sun.


Your viewers don’t know about the difficulties you are facing while making the videos for them. They are used to see the end results that are produced after a lot of hard work and editing. You can make a dedicated vlog behind the scene videos. How you set the camera, how you select the place, and how you start video shooting and editing, etc.



In-depth videos are often known as documents if they are properly planned, to the point and right niche, and covers everything in detail from beginning to end. We all know that most people watch short videos but if you provide the best quality videos, that have rich and unique content and covering in detail then it will turn to be attention-grabbing. Along this YouTube algorithms will find you doing an excellent job. In return, you will get outstanding exposure which will motivate you to work even more to stay at the top.


If you own a channel, which is based on serious stuff, consider this a good vlog idea to start with another niche that counts some humor. Fun is a part of life and this thing can also bring life to your channel. You can inform your audience of another channel that they have more than something serious. This will be overwhelming.

telling jokes

Moreover, a good sense of humor will reveal your intelligence. So, if you succeed in making your viewers laugh they will automatically become your fans and will love you more.


Bringing simple on someone’s face is a difficult job to do but yet not impossible. Here is another strong way of doing that by making prank videos. To turn this video blog idea into reality you can start doing pranks with your friends and family members instead of unknown people.


Let your audience get involved in your personal life to some extent. You can make a range of personal struggle that you have faced in your life. We all know that every problem has a solution.

personal struggles

So tell your viewers how to overcome your problems? What were the steps that were involved in resolving your problem and? And finally, your strategies to never face the same problem again? Keep in mind the more authentic you will remain the more love you will get from your audience.


Above mentioned are some of the good ideas to make vlogs or start vlogging. You can look into them either they are the best match for you or otherwise. In both cases, you will get an idea to start with your own content. You may select any of the above-mentioned ideas or it may lead you to generate your own idea. Don’t wait for another day to come. Just start from where ever you are by making all day the best memorable days of your life.