how to start a video blog on youtube

Do you know how to start a video blog on YouTube? and how it can bring amazing exposure to your content? By doing this you can show your hidden talent to the world while remaining at home. Are you willing to this along with earning a handsome amount of money?

Once your videos got enough audience attention that there are a lot of potential ways of earning money like advertising, sponsorship, and promotion, etc. Beside all these ways you will be able to sell brand merchandise by your YouTube channel because your audience will be waiting to hear a word of mouth from you. Because they already are your loyal audience so will never hesitate to purchase the items you have recommended.


what is a blog

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

But blogs are now much more than the definition now. Social media networking sites give it a massive rise that has turned it into a lot of competition. Now microblogging is introduced or you can say that typical blogging is converted into microblogging. Unlike before, most blogs are no more personal blogs nowadays. Rather they are being created by keeping a specific industry or specific niche in mind. Users are a lot of reading these blogs more than magazines that are available online.



Unlike blogging where you have to write content and updating it regularly, vlogging is something different. Here you have to make videos about the selected topic. There are a lot of vlogging ideas, even if you are a student. You have to brainstorm about your vlogging niche, select the camera for vlogging, start recording videos, edit videos, and upload them to different vlogging platforms.  YouTube is one the leading and largest platform for videos and the first landing place of almost every vlogger.

The choice of selecting blogging or vlogging totally depends on the person. He should be comfortable with his selection not physically but keeping content generation in mind. If you for your area of interest then it’s always easy to generate valuable content.

Both are considered as modes of communication and they have some pros and cons with them. Nothing is perfect in this world and you have to consider the positives and negatives before starting. If you love to make videos than vlogging may be the right choice for you and if you love to write and able to give emotion to your words than blogging might be a better choice for you.

If you are a multi-talented person and able to do both of them then you can run a vlog channel and blog at the same time. Of course, it will need more hard work and dedication. Besides, you will be in a commanding position to easily attract more viewers and readers, and believe me it will give you more ideas for content.


why youtube

YouTube has emerged as the 2nd largest search engine. It has many important factors that give it birthright of getting attention. First of all the volume of traffic it has, have no comparison with any other platform. It’s being widely used as a marketing platform as many companies have stopped marketing by using print media.

You can also socialize at YouTube by subscribing to different channels. It enables you to tag your videos, share your videos at any place you like for example, Facebook, Twitter, Websites are names but few. It provides easy and quick access to the user for searching for videos, which have made YouTube as the most lucrative for video blogging.

As we know that Google acquired YouTube. So it makes the best and largely integrated with Google as compared to any of the result platforms. It gives an edge to YouTube that other video channels like Vimeo have a very little share of videos capturing in the market. Likewise, Google has turned itself to the internet hub of the time.


how to start vlogging

As mentioned earlier that YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for vloggers. It can monetize your passion easily and quickly. Before that, you need to know how it works. And how you have to do vlogging at YouTube for earning money.

You can sign up with your Gmail account on YouTube and that’s all. Now you have an account at YouTube. Being a YouTuber, It provides you a great opportunity to grow your channel and video content to make handsome revenue. This income could be more than a traditional blog. For this, you have to made and upload videos regularly according to your selected niche.

After uploading the video, you need to make tags properly, a convincing title, and proper use of keywords. This will result in bringing your video in organic search and eventually will attract more traffic in the shape of views. YouTube provides you the best service as you can link your more videos with any of them. It will help your viewers that they can watch these videos now or even later when they come back to your channel.

Simple linking is not enough, we recommend you to make better videos in quality and content. By doing this your viewers will trust you as they will come to know that you have genuine content that is helpful for them unlike many of the YouTubers who only drag the videos to a certain length and viewers can’t get a positive outcome from it.

Here comes your consistency. It means a lot as a beginner and even more if you are a professional YouTuber. You need to upload videos on a consistent basis. If you’re doing it daily that is also consistent as you upload once in a week. Interesting videos are always a source of great attention of viewers. You can upload a behind the scene video and include steps that you follow for each video.

If you lack content at some stage then you can also make some videos on tips, on personal struggles, teasers, and other relevant topics that you face during your vlogging career. This will help you in engaging your audience when you don’t have new ideas or material for videos.


Video blogging is a top trend because it enables you to get quick results by building connections with your audience as compared to other blogging formats. It is obvious that we are more attracted to visuals than written content as we have something for our eyes to see and ears to listen to.

If a video is made perfect in a way that its audio is aligned perfectly with its visuals, there is nothing best then it. You can always promote your blogs with the help of your videos. Once you get popular enough then you can inform your viewers about your blog that will generate organic traffic for you.

Generally, we can listen to some common excuses like “I don’t have the camera” or “I don’t have the right equipment” or “it’s much time consuming” or “I don’t know about the whole process.”

This problem is also resolved in these articles. You can go through the following links to get a solution to your problems. It will not only save your time and money but will help you to make better and informed decisions.


practical steps

As a lot of bloggers are perfect in words, most vloggers are best in video making. Video blogging is a unique and fastest way to get connected with your viewers. The following are some of the best tips that can generate ideas for you and make you understand how to start a video blog on YouTube.



Procrastination is one of the biggest barriers that people face. Here you may face like what type of camera I have to choose, how will I diversify my topic, how to start in public, how to edit videos, what if I don’t get a proper response, etc. But these are only the inner fear. You can overcome them easily by following steps.

  • Initially, you can start with your smartphone instead of the vlogging camera.
  • Divide your main heading into subheadings and make a video on each of them.
  • Don’t worry about the topic, simple vlogging ideas are everywhere around you. You just need to divert your focus on them.
  • There are many free video editing software that you can use for editing.
  • Make your content presentable and problem-solving, which realize viewers that you are helping them. Once they become your loyal subscribers they will wait for your next vlog.
  • Last but not least you have to work hard and brainstorm about the ideas to get better results.


watch videos

To start a video blog on YouTube, it’s a major point to know how to work in the beginning. For this, you can watch the related videos on YouTube to get better ideas about the content. Make a list of the appealing niches that you want to work on then watch the videos to get an idea. Focus on video format, quality, video length, and


The script is a base for every video. If you think that you will ignore writing then you may be wrong at this point in You may not need to write a proper script with each and every single word count but instead, you can go to note down the main point in bullets and numbers.

This will help you in flawless speaking and enable you to complete video in fewer shots with fewer mistakes. Practice as much as you can for the perfect recording. You can rehearse in front of the mirror to see your own body language, facial expression, and dress looking. It is highly recommended to start and remain in a conversational tone.


relevant content

You may have noticed in some of the videos that content is not similar to the video. This means that video and content can’t be the same all the time. At the initial stage, we recommend you to produce a video that is relevant to the content. It would be much better if you write the content by yourself.

 At this stage just write with the “You Attitude”. This means producing content by keeping viewers in mind, their question, or expectations. You can also get an idea by watching a competitor’s videos. Focus on the point that they are missing and highlight them with a perfect blend. Try to make your video more informative and use simple words for a better understanding of viewers.

Another good idea to start a video blog at YouTube is to come online by using the YouTube live stream feature and ask your viewers to ask you questions, quick problems, or ideas for improvements. Write down all of them and make separate videos on them. In this way, you will not only produce more content but you will be satisfying your viewers that you care for them and there will increase your viewers eventually.



As I mentioned earlier to practice in front of the mirror. Now move on to the next step and practice in front of the camera. This will give you a more and deep understanding of real video making. You will learn a lot about the placement of the camera, video shooting from different angles, height, and duration. You will also learn how much light is necessary for your video and which background suits your content.

Nonverbal communication is as effective as verbal communication. Pay special attention to your body language, dress, and expressions. Don’t try to be over smart or under pressure. Be normal while video shooting and try to make your content engaging and authentic.

Keep in mind that no one is watching now, during your practice. So don’t be afraid as you are in a learning session. This will enhance your abilities and you will perform well in your upcoming videos.


Mostly first video or videos at starting are not perfect. So don’t be afraid of getting a low-quality product at the initial stage. These mistakes will teach you how to start a video blog on YouTube.You may not be able to create a balance between audio and video, your light may not be good enough or your video quality may not be in HD.

You can still post this imperfect video at your YouTube channel and just wait for the comments. These comments will help you to improve the quality of the video. With the passage of time, you will also gain more experience and improvement that will definitely lead to better videos.


We have spent hours of research to bring the best and authentic outcome for people who are looking “how to start a video blog at YouTube”. We design this article in such a way that will turn your thinking positively and leads you toward making a vlogging channel on YouTube.

Most people are afraid of mistakes but they realize that initially, we all commit mistakes. It’s a better way of learning. You can outsource all things but in the end, you won’t be in a position to rectify them and at each and every step you will be looking toward others to solve your problems, which is not professional.

Don’t procrastinate and let you dominate your inner fear. Commit mistakes, see results, and improve yourself and rise as a seasoned professional. Remember, he who is not committing mistakes is doing nothing. If you have read this article then you are one of those because you are seeking to do something. You are in a much better position to start vlogging on YouTube.