Starting a vlog and making money is very famous nowadays. Many people find it a stunning opportunity to a great hobby into a potential & passive source of income. You will see many people shooting videos in public places. They are simply making videos for vlogging.

Starting a vlog is highly demanding, no matter what is your area of interest. With an explosive outreach of YouTube, you are in the best position than ever before, to show your passion to the world even by starting a vlog with your smartphone.

It’s something different as compared to traditional blogging that contains written contents, and images, it will revamp your content from written articles to video broadcasting.

Nowadays the most renowned vloggers have built brand names by using the influence of vlogging platforms.  If you also want to build your personal brand in by vlogging than feel comfortable as you have landed at the right place, where you will get all general and in-depth information about vlogging, vlogging cameras, and accessories, ideas to start a vlog, best niches, and a million things.

You must be thinking of how to start a vlog. Following is a general but brief discussion about the topic that will create awareness about vlogging and you will be easy & clear in decision making.


why vlogging

Before digging into the topic, I will start with this burning question. This will help you to remain focused during your work. You must find a reason for every practical step. Your reason to choose to vlog will create a huge impact on your content & career growth.

You will be in a position to answer the questions that may arise inside you before the world ask you. Now ask yourself why you have chosen to vlog either for the purpose of money? Or showing your skills to the world or just for fun?

If you have selected vlogging because it is reaching to the new heights of popularity and you also want to get benefit from it by trying your hobby, your passion or a new unique idea. But you may not have brainstormed about the topic, you might be lacking in setting your goals for vlogs but that doesn’t mean you can’t start and brings the best. You can produce outstanding results as a beginner by little brainstorming.

Secondly, if you have decided to become a professional YouTube vlogger, think and visualize how much time you can give about how much time you can devote to your channel. This will a very crucial in determining your actual measurements for your vlogging channel. Once done, it will become a passive source of income for you.

Last but not least, the answer to this question of “why vlogging” is somehow lies between the line but actually it lies inside you. The best answer is “Find a reason”.


Here comes the first most important point before starting a vlog. That is your niche or subject matter. You might be thrilled to make a vlog at the already decided topic or it may require some careful consideration. It will great if you are going to pick your area of interest as a vlog niche. By doing this you will be in a position to speak confidently about your topic with producing more variety.

There are a lot of vloggers, recording, and uploading videos on a daily basis. Here you may find competition in your niche so it’s better to take a look at the content of your competitor. This will give a better way to produce more quality vlog videos and a chance to think & act differently than before.

This might provide you better tips on your niche, it’s up to you how you react to this opportunity to emerge as a unique brand and make your niche and videos stand out from the crowd. Niche will bring its title or name with it. One way of generating a title is a fun name that many vloggers opt for. It has a logic behind it. Fun names are most easy to remember for your audience.

It is necessary, not important to give a fun name. The title may include your own name or a name that gives the insights of your subject. It’s another way to grab your audience’s attention as the names and titles are relevant.


make a plan

After successful completion of niche and title selection, you are ready to move to the next important phase of making a plan. This thing is of utmost importance and can’t be ignored in any way either you are a beginner or a professional vlogger.

In case you are a beginner then you need to pay special attention to your plans for making vlogging videos. It may include different vlogging styles. You have to write down all the important points or steps for vlog videos. It may include from your first vlogging video, place selection for videos, what to speak during the video, bloopers to avoid, and most importantly your focus point or purpose of making a video.

If you’re a seasoned vlogger that you might be more careful at this phase. Because you might have produced many videos and now you need to give something unique in your videos. Here you may work more than a newbie in order to give variety and quality content to your audience they are waiting for.

It’s also not necessary to make a plan months before recording videos. A rough description of the upcoming events and contents will help in your preparation. With this, you will feel more prepared and more confident while making videos.

Whenever you conceive with new vlog ideas, write it down immediately as it will help in scheduling properly. Shuffling of topics regularly and randomly will bring new ideas and a variety of relevant videos for your target audience.


camera selection

Above mentioned steps only need your mental research but this is the point where you will have to spend money, search for a suitable camera for vlogging, you may visit markets physically or search online. As we are very well aware of the expectations of the viewer that they want to enjoy HD videos, as they are more engaging so if it’s possible for you than go and get your hands-on experience of a good camera. It’s the first step toward starting a vlog.

Buying a new camera decision is good but you have to ensure the image quality, video quality with the audio recording features. Some cameras have a built-in mic that may not serve the purpose if you are new and don’t know how to handle the camera. Search for the cameras that have an extra port for the external mic plugin.

If you have little or no experience of dealing with DSLR cameras than your smartphone may serve the purpose because you are s starter and definitely in the learning phase. Saving money at this might turn into a wise decision because with the passage of time you will learn about the different attributes of vlogging that will lead to a better decision of camera selection.

Try to keep your camera at eye level, this will help in recording your videos more naturally. It will also provide a real feel of conversation to your viewers. The same tip is valid if you are making videos from your smartphones.



A great idea before your start is to make short-length videos for testing purposes. It will give you a much better understanding of full-length video recording, getting your script ready, and most importantly how to handle the camera, set angle and level, to record good videos.

Record briefly for your own understanding and try to make notes at the beginning for better and improved output. In this way you not forget the main areas of improvement.

You may also need to learn about relevant and important features of video making like adjusting light and sometimes background removal. Commit mistakes in the beginning and don’t be afraid of it. Remember he who doesn’t commit mistakes, can’t learn. It’s a healthy sign that you are in the process of learning something and after facing difficulties and overcoming them you will be professional in your field.


video recording

After rehearsing and learning about the camera working procedure it’s time to record or shoot proper videos. As mentioned earlier that you can record videos with your smartphones as well as with the best camera for vlogging.

You will learn more and more in your vlogging career. This process of learning has no end. At one stage you were new to this field of vlogging and afterward, you will face enhanced technology of vlogging equipment. So your learning process will never end.

Now you are in a better position of recording videos properly. You will face many problems but don’t worry it will enhance your experience and will make you professional. You will know the better selection of the venue, light conditions, and proper camera elevation to cover filming from different angles


video editing

Besides filming the video, you need to learn the editing techniques to remove some irrelevant elements, bloopers you commit or to add the different effects in your videos for making them crispier. You may want to add intros before the starting of the video or outros after the ending of your content. This will create a professional look for your videos with proper beginning and ending.

Video Editing is the next step after video recording. You may need some more soft skills to do the video editing job better. You can select from commonly and widely used video editing tools that serve the purpose. Camtasia, Filmora, Adobe Premiere PRO & Final Cut are the most popular video editing software. You can upload the videos after editing and final rendering.

You can add different effects of slow-motion or forwarding videos. This is an important stage for vlog videos. If you’re a beginner and don’t know about video editing then it’s highly recommended to learn it otherwise you have to outsource it that will increase your spending with no earnings. Here you will know about different best video editing software for vlogging. This makes it the best platform for learning how to start a video blog or vlogging.


uploading videos

Here’s come the final step of uploading videos at different platforms. YouTube is the most popular of them. You can simply sign up by using your Gmail account and upload videos by following the above-mentioned steps.

The use of proper tags and title will make your videos to appear in more searches that will make your channel grow. Remember the audience will come back to your channel if they find it catchy and interesting. So try to engage your audience by implementing new and quality ideas.


video monetizing

This step means a lot. Uploading videos will make them alive for the world to watch your content. For this, you don’t need to have a blog or website. Almost every vlogger is uploading its videos on the most popular platform of Vimeo or YouTube.

It’s more convenient and easier to upload videos there that can grab audience attention and if you keep on making improvements than your videos will be monetized very soon that will prove another passive source of income for you. Already many professional vloggers have adopted vlogging as a full-time job and earning a handsome amount of money.


The following are the bonus tips for the ultimate growth of your vlogging channel. If you follow the steps with the bonus techniques than you will see the faster results.


define your videos

Uploading videos don’t end the process. One of the most important is to make the videos completely accessible to your audience. No matter where you upload them. The use of the proper tagline, keywords, tags, and video descriptions are most crucial in order to make your video more searchable. Take care of this step before uploading the videos.


correct timing

This tip is concerned before and during the process of video making. You have to calculate how many words you require to speak in your videos. Be precise and effective. Research shows that the videos that are minimum 2 minutes long and a maximum of 10 minutes, get more views.

Now here comes the tip. Your sound should match with your lips. It’s really very disturbing when you are saying something and viewers are hearing something else. It will divert the viewer’s attention and they may switch to some other channel.


don't forget your audience

Vlogging is something like talking to the camera while filming, it’s common to forget people that will watch the videos later. Keep in mind your audience before starting the vlog videos. You can know about your audience’s expectations by going through the comments they have posted in your other videos. Take a little bit of time to think about them and fulfill the reason of their subscribing to your channel.

Once you know your audience, it will be helpful in your next content to make it more tailor and precise. Try to build a warm & close relationship with your audience by conducting “Ask questions” sessions regularly, which is an advance step than reading comments.

Once you succeed in building and maintaining a relationship with your viewers, it may turn them into your loyal fans who could be eagerly waiting to listen recommendation from your mouth that will result in purchasing your merchandise. You will not only be able to earn an extra amount of money but it’s the best way to get ideas for future vlogging content that you can definitely want to add in your videos.

Having a vlogging channel and your persistence presence there in the shape of regular videos uploading needs & proves your commitment. It may be on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Maybe it feels hectic at the start but once you succeed in providing proper attention then it will be an immaculate platform for you to communicate with the world and get recognition.


I’m pretty sure that you have gone through all of the above mentioned important points that contain authentic & outstanding information about “how to start a vlog and earn money”. Being an informed vlogger gives you an edge over others.

Knowing how to make vlog videos with high-end quality is the key, as it contributes to getting insights about your viewers that will take you to build a huge subscriber base. I am in a firm belief that this article will increase your knowledge and until now you have moved from zero to one and this will provide you enough motivation to start vlogging today.