Thrilling is to been seen zealous when a student setup or get ready for the first vlog. Students can hardly wait to unleash their innovative vlog ideas and broadcast for a legitimate audience of people in an online platform.

Commonly, when initial excitement fades away, the student may face some initial and common problems that may prevent them from vlogging. But they can overcome with a little effort and proper planning. Here we are going to discuss some best and potential vlog ideas for students that can really pay them off before starting their professional career.

With the help of mentorship and assistance, you can assure students to discover their potential as a vlogger by exploring different niches and genres. Whereas vlogging is concerned, it is considered a powerful tool for engaging with target audiences. A video blog or video log, commonly known as a vlog, is a form of a blog that involves videos as a medium. (Video + blogging = vlogging).

The following are some of the randomly selected vlogging ideas for students. They don’t need so much attention as compared to professional vlogs. Go through them and start vlogging today.


my college

A great idea to start with. You need nothing but just a smartphone to make a vlog related to your college or university. Tell about your college, history of your college, a famous personality who was a former student of your college, your favorite teacher or subject, etc.


Holidays are something that excites most of the students around the world. You can make a vlog about your holiday plans as a student. Share some plans or goals that you have set for yourself. The goals may be more than one and it will give you more content about the vlogs as you can cover one goal in one or many videos depending upon the details of the topic.


Being a student, it’s a great vlog idea to make videos for student’s study tips. You can tell other students how to manage their time for different subjects. How holidays can be utilized for study purposes along with fun. There are many more ways to do, just look around the students and their questions. Make videos and answer them.


exams guidance

Similar to the study tip is providing guidance for exams. Many students don’t know how to attempt a questionnaire. You can play a vital role here to make them understand the importance of attempting exams by attempting the right questions. You may get help with the past year’s exams for more clarity. You can get complete guidance about the vlogging camera HERE.



All of us have some favorite subjects. This may be a turning point for you to get a starting vlog idea as a student. Simply start making videos of your favorite subjects and upload them to your channel. This can bring massive traffic of viewers if you have made videos crispier.

TIP: You can make tutorials and upload them on Udemy for earning. Good cameras can be found HERE for making tutorials.



Approximately all students around the world face difficulties in completing their assignments. You can make videos on this topic. Suggest the methods to research for topics, starting point, questions to be answered, formats and layouts, etc. This will help especially junior student to complete their assignments in the due course of time.


We all have passions. Many of us want to become Professors in the future. Many of us eagerly want to meet their future professors in order to know about their command in the knowledge that will be helpful for them in the future.

If your college and faculty allow you to made and promote teacher’s interviews, it can bring huge popularity for the institution as well as for your vlogging channel. You can ask professors about their professional experiences and take their views on the relevant subjects.

This type of vlogs is beneficial for teachers and students. Teachers will be showcased as regular people and students will become more comfortable if they have an idea of teacher personality.


Another potential vlog idea is to make videos of your hostel. This will work stunningly if you are getting an education from abroad. Many of the potential students are eager to get an education from abroad and they don’t know about the other facilities.

You can be an authentic source for them to show them about the different standards of college or university. Show them your hostel, vlog about daily expenses, daily routine, food, living, and part-time jobs. This is of great help to the students who are looking for such information.


Another amazing vlog idea for students is to create a series on one or different topics that may have a title with an addition of a weekly or monthly basis. Topics may include anything like ‘A day in a computer lab” or “The life of a Pharma student” etc.

For every episode, you can visit different student classes and take their reviews and know their routines. Prospective students will get more affiliation a sense of belonging even before they have applied to your college or university. Provide them a chance to see future life if they are looking to continue academic life with your university.



Last but not least, every year in any college or university you can make a vlog to cover events. Events may be related to new admission, farewell, annual sports day, and annual camping, etc.

You can show the world about your institution and a range of different projects on a regular basis. You can make vlog more interesting by digging into the subject and bring the best.


Above mentioned are some of the best vlog ideas for students to start their vlogging channel. This will create a huge awareness about education and million things related to it. Every person wants to educate his or her kids and he may get guidance from your channel if you strive enough to become and maintain a brand name.