most popular video blogging niches

Want to start a video blog? Because you have noticed an increasing trend but don’t know about the most popular video blogging niches or ideas? There are a lot of ideas around us that we ignore. This ignorance is due to the least attention because we didn’t take these seriously for vlogging.

Today I’m going to reveal the most popular video blogging ideas from the grass-root level that even a child mom can do. Here I mentioned “child mom” because they are mostly busy with kids and it’s really very difficult for them to vlog.

These ideas are everywhere, despite the busy routine of mother they are doing other home jobs effectively. Some of the existing people even housewives are not only doing this but also earning a handsome amount of income.


Parenting is an emerging, popular, and profitable niche for vlogging and one of the best idea to start with. Just imagine its exposure – there are huge brands and stores they are dedicated to children and newborns. Including kids, there are plenty of products for parents too.

It’s a universal niche. Popular topics about vlog my include tips about pregnancy, having kids, kids routine, and how to handle newborns. Visualize the volume. It really a huge niche because we have millions of newborns around the world that.

The main method of monetizing your vlogs and blogs may include affiliate marketing, products reviews and ads monetization



Knitting and Sewing are another good vlog idea for the housewife, especially those who typically think that vlogging is not fit them. Just set your camera, be is a presentable position, and make a video. It’s one of the most popular video blogging ideas at Pinterest.

You can show a lot of creative material trend and actually, you can make a series of the tutorial which can go viral on different vlogging platforms. It will not be amazing if you bring yourself at an earning stage as a crafting vlogger.

Actually, it includes two different ideas of sewing and knitting. It will give you diversity in the content without the feeling of boredom. Just work for your kids or family members and make a video of that and viral it to the world. It’s amazingly a Wow.


happy birthday

You know the most popular song on earth is “happy birthday to you”. This most popular video blogging idea is derived from here. You can make cakes for your different vlogging platforms, which definitely have a lot of recipes and methods.

Besides cakes, another relevant idea belongs to gifts. With the bursting popularity of birthdays mostly people remain too confused about gifts because it’s so common. You can generate unique birthday gifts ideas for the instant attention of the audience.


life style

Another one of the most popular video blogging idea is lifestyle vlogs on different topics. These vlogs usually typical and focused on one target like surprise visits, college life, etc. The reason behind is this that some vloggers think that income generation from multiple topics is not possible.

But it’s not true. Your audience will love your content if you provide them a variety of content. If you do this commonly then they will wait for your next videos because it will be new for them. Sticking to one topic is also providing result because as audience love variety they also love your main content or your expertise. They will eagerly wait for solutions to problems from your mouth and it’s a huge achievement. You may sell branded merchandise here.



Wellness & Health are the niches that belong to everybody in the world and that makes it huge. It’s another best and popular video blogging niche even for a starter. It’s a universal topic that everybody is involved with because here you are dealing with a big chunk of people in the world.

So, if you are thinking to start a vlog and earn money, just imagine the scale of this vlog and refine your content ideally. This niche is also trending at Pinterest which will directly help you in your instant growth.


home decor

Another great idea that fits well both to men and women. Everybody loves to decor his or her home. It’s a never-ending thing that changes from time to time. If you are a housewife then you have an edge over others and that is you can start with your kids. You may not need to hire or outsource.

It’s a wide niche for video blogging. You can literally make vlogs on different trending ideas or you can turn your own unique ideas into trends. You can inform your audience about different popular color schemes, wall décor, lounge décor, and a million things.



It’s a hot topic throughout the year and even it gets more hype with the arrival of elections. Here you can also categorize into sub-niches, like local politics, national politics, or international politics. You can choose any topic and start a discussion.

It could be a trick niche but anyhow you can swing around the topic. Some topics may get more biased or polarized but in such a situation you must be ready to handle it nicely. We all know that politics and controversy move together, it’s better to get prepared.


how to guide

Since reading is a good habit but most people don’t like to read the instruction manuals. Wait for a second and try to remember when you give a look at any product manual last time? Likewise, people just ignore them.

Here the question arises then how do people figure out? The simple answer is “People just google or move to YouTube”. In Google, they find the reading instructions again but on YouTube, they find a related video and learn about the product. You can also become one of the authentic how to guide vlogger.

9. FAQs


Similar to “how-to guide” but actually different video blogging niche that is very popular. People usually think that in this niche you have to post answers and that’s it. But it’s not true people will never stop asking questions from you in any way.

A better way to satisfy tour viewers is to come online and conduct a session. This is the thing where the audience will feel your loyalty and will become loyal to you and this will increase your viewership. You only need to work on your content to make it better and outstanding from others



Automation is a wide and popular video blogging niche. It majorly deals with B2B businesses, where it is a jargon of the day. You need to select the sub-niche of automation to get the start.

But keep in mind that any vlog or post related to the automation niche is treated like gold. This shows the huge potential in this video blogging niche. So, define your content accordingly



Everybody who uses a computer will face some issue and definitely, he will look for some reliable and authentic tips of troubleshooting. This may be the right space for you to get in start to vlog on this most popular niche. Just imagine the volume and space that you can get here.

Being a troubleshooting guide you will deal with the people who are already in pain. So give them correct information and try those tips first by applying them on yourself personally. The audience will rely quickly on that either you are solving their problems or just making the video for viewers and dragging the content with no focus.


productivity tips

Last but not least, we are ending this topic with one of the most popular ideas for the video blogging niche. We all know that most people want to get faster results by doing quickly. That’s why they are looking for productivity tips for technology, tools, and equipment, gadgets, and many more. Many vlogs earn bread and butter by providing only productivity tips.

It makes sense because if you get better knowledge then you can take informed steps and produce better results. Here, as a vlogger, you will find space to enter. You have to provide relevant stuff that helps professionals. Of course, you would love you to do this as time is more important.


I will conclude this session by just saying that popular topics will come and go or they will get changed or modified with the change of time. You can select any of the above most popular video blogging niche or any else. They might be the best pick today but with the change of time needs of the world change and you may diversify yourself to remain intact.

The topics mentioned above are related to a range of people like moms, starts, professionals, the youngster can take an idea from it or start with any of them. You just need to study your competitor and define your own techniques and tactics to get viewers, traffic, and become the world’s most popular vlogger.