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vlogging platforms

There are many other vlogging platforms including YouTube. It is the first landing place for almost all vloggers. The major reason behind this is that every vlogger knows that they will get instant audience attention that will give them bursting growth and monetization. But, surprisingly now we also have other platforms for vlogging that can give us massive views on a daily basis by making videos viral. If you want rapid growth than it is mandatory to upload your content to these new alternative vlogging platforms.

Connecting your vlogging with a new & wide range of video blogging sites will allow you to achieve the two most important things that every vlogger want.

The first thing is the potential reach and discovery of a new audience that may prefer their platform instead of others.

The second thing is that you can share your vlogging videos in a new format that may include a change of length or content.

When you’ve made a decision to extend your video content and open up your vlogging videos to new groups of people, it may be hard to choose which one will best meet your requirements. Following the thorough research below, you will find it easy to get the best insights about different vlogging platforms including YouTube. In case you are looking for best vlogging camera under $1000 then this article is must for you.



One of the best & biggest vlogging platforms is YouTube. Whenever the term “video” will come into your mind. It’s the birthplace of almost every vlogger with its best-boosting features that will lead to monetize your videos quickly. You will discover potential ways of earning with YouTube quickly.

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  • Bursting reach to audience.
  • Largest digital library.
  • Allows you to share your videos.
  • Can get & handle subscribers.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • The higher competition that needs much better content.
  • Copyright issues may come if guidelines are not followed properly.



The second most important platform related to vlogging is Facebook with its live streaming feature. It may not get you instant attention related to vlogging but it’s crucial for you to know about its well and highly established advertising option. It will allow you to get a partnership with other influencers & brands that will provide the exposure of a bigger audience.




  • Video hosting is amazingly strong.
  • Freedom of choice along with page design & layout.
  • Live streaming is awesome that provides instant audience For example, live questions & answers session may be conducted.
  • Can save live streaming into video library.
  • Can make your content viral.
  • Hard to reach search rankings.
  • Important to make partnerships with other pages.


Instagram & instagram live

Another important platform is Instagram that has attained massive popularity. According to Instagram, they have reached 1 billion users in June 2018. It’s popular for photographs and short video clips. Additionally, the two new features of Instagram Live & Stories are outstanding and most unique ways to share vlogging videos with your followers. If you need a best tripod to make good pictures and short clips than this article might help you.



  • Pretty impressive user-base.
  • Much users friendly.
  • To get featured in the search area is easy.
  • Secure and best advertising options.
  • A fast-growing space.
  • Live streaming can’t be saved in a video.
  • Regular feed video length is only one minute.



One of the most creative vlogging platforms is Vimeo. It is all about new ideas and creativity. It is an upgraded version of Daily motion with fewer amateur videos. This may be not comfortable for some vloggers especially beginners but it shouldn’t be as it offers tutorials for creating much better videos, which will allow you to improve your content quality. You will be able to produce quality videos for you and for other channels. In case you need a good microphone for video recording then this article is a must for you.



  • No advertisement from outside.
  • Friendly audience
  • Freedom with the size & length of the video.
  • Advanced privacy settings.
  • A great learning platform.
  • Randomly display videos on front.
  • May not be ideal for every niche.


daily motion

Daily motion is another potential platform that may not be similar to YouTube. The major difference between Daily motion & YouTube is that Daily motion offers more quality and professional videos and on YouTube, you may find the amateur video. For professional vloggers that have high-end vlogging cameras, it’s a best possible match.

There are few restrictions in terms of genre and other form factors of content, giving significant freedom to vloggers to pursue ventures that do not fit onto other platforms.



  • More professional content.
  • Best fit for Pro Vloggers.
  • Best & unique monetization features.
  • Vast Audience.
  • Less niche competition.
  • High expectations of the audience.
  • 150 MB per video storage capacity.


Twitch IRL

This platform is recognized for gamers or gaming vloggers, providing them access to live stream various online games operations. Although it’s changing rapidly, but still most of the vloggers and many influencers from different niches are taking benefits of Twitch IRL vlogging platform. Exclusive aspect of Twitch lies in its dedicated live content streaming.



  • The vast audience for the live format of vlogging.
  • Best vlogging platform for interaction with audience and followers.
  • The search function is strong.
  • Limited options for advertising.
  • Storage of large content for vlogging is not ideal.



Many of you may get confused with Flickr. It’s well-known for pictures uploading but the company expanded itself with a vision to provide a space for video sharing and uploading. They also want to keep their brand name to they introduce the term “long photos” for videos.



  • Encourages video production creativity.
  • Chances to grow are much higher.
  • Professional accounts have unlimited space.
  • The Video uploading feature very new for Flickr.
  • The maximum length for video uploading is 90 seconds.

8. D. TUBE

D tube

One of the newly emerging vlogging platforms is D. Tube. It is mainly related to tech vloggers but not limited to them as the world is transforming fast digitally. Block chain was firstly introduced at this platform. In this platform, you will get decentralized technology for video sharing with the option to get STEEM tokens for STEEM users.



  • Its layout is similar to YouTube that makes it easy for YouTubers.
  • Ads free.
  • Monetization can be done as it based on the block chain tokens.
  • User-friendly.
  • Entirely new platform.
  • Fewer Viewers.


We all know the importance of YouTube as one of the top-rated vlogging platforms. Above mentioned information will be much helpful for discovering new ways for vlogging that suit best with your niche, audience-grabbing, and monetization. Now you have to only select the best budget camera, best DSLR lens or other accessories to get a thrilling start.